It’s a Learning Experience… for my Future Roommate

Hi, How are you doing Future Roommate? If you’re reading this and you’re not my future roommate, then you are going to learn 50 facts about me regardless 🙂 Are you ready?

  1. I love YouTube (the British ones, the famous ones, the underrated ones, ALL of them)
  2. My middle name is Davida (David with an “A”)
  3. My favorite food is Frozen Yogurt
  4. This contradicts my last fact- I’m a vegan 6/7 days of the week
  5. My Major will be International studies
  6. But my hobbies are learning languages
  7. My favorite shows are Doctor who, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Law and Order (svu), and the Big Bang Theory IN THAT ORDER- I don’t watch anything else
  8. ^^^ But i don’t watch TV often
  9. I read a lot- but never a fiction book(I like text books and weird things like that)
  10. ^^ my goal has always been to read the bible in a week. Haven’t started that yet… i’m christian as you can presume
  11. The only social media I have is Facebook
  12. I listen to all Music- even some in different languages
  13. Most of my Best Friends are male (I have 7)
  14. I’m the farthest thing from a materialist (I hate shopping)
  15. I love to travel to different places and try different foods and meet different people
  16. When I feel nervous or pressured my voice raises
  17. I’m organized and I love storage items ??
  18. I sing indiscreetly and I play the ukulele
  19. I have 3 dogs named Jackson, Charlie, and Taco
  20. Most of my articles of clothing are tanks
  21. I own a moon bounce and I use it at every one of my “large” birthday parties
  22. I really love going to dances but i can’t dance :/
  23. I don’t like labels. Not the physical labels for organizing which I do like, but the metaphorical labels to categorize people
  24. I don’t drink coffee, unless i’m out of the country
  25. ^ and I’ve never tried Starbucks
  26. I LOVE Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”- only fiction i’ll read
  27. My favorite color is black but i’m not a dark person
  28. ^ I do think about death much more than i should.
  29. My greatest fears are Praying mantis’ and rape. self explanatory they’re both terrifying
  30. I have 4 sisters/no brothers- 3 older, 1 younger
  31. I don’t wear makeup
  32. I don’t drive well
  33. This past May, I signed up for, and TOOK, 7 AP exams
  34. My favorite artist is Michael Jackson
  35. I enjoy working out
  36. ^^ I am very strong
  37. ^^^^ because i play tennis
  38. I have no interest in drugs or alcohol because they never appealed to me and never will TBH
  39. I’ve never had a “real” job
  40. The only jewelry i’ll ever wear will be hoop earrings, and the occasional necklace
  41. I’ve been to France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Puerto Rico
  42. During my senior year, I took Spanish 4, French 3, Italian 2, and AP German on the side- SIMULTANEOUSLY
  43. I’m 5’6″
  44. I lost 40 lbs. in the 9th grade
  45. I hate public speaking
  46. I hate people who are mean because they don’t know how to spend their time doing literally ANYTHING ELSE
  47. I’ve never been “bullied” but i’ll defend someone getting bullied with my life
  48. I can care less about what people say about me, unless it’s from someone I care about
  49. For our room I REALLY want those lame fairly lights that every teen with a Tumblr owns next to their Polaroid pictures and mason jars
  50. I would like it if we could be friends 🙂

Screenshot_2015-05-21-12-08-25 Screenshot_2015-05-21-12-08-35 Screenshot_2015-05-21-12-08-40 Screenshot_2015-05-17-08-53-47 Screenshot_2015-05-17-08-51-57 Screenshot_2015-05-17-08-53-01 Screenshot_2015-02-26-18-30-32Screenshot_2015-02-16-17-16-59  20150223_145240

I hope this wasn’t too much to read or too awkward to handle but if you did read the whole thing then I fully appreciate it and can’t wait to get to meet you in August 😀

Here are some questions that I’m supposed to ask you:

  • How clean and neat do you keep your room?
  • How outgoing are you?
  • What kind of relationship do you want in a roommate?
  • How would you describe your sleeping habits?
  • Are you a smoker? Drinker?
  •  What’s your ideal study enviroment?
  • How do you feel about friends in the room?
  • How do you handle conflicts?
  • Fave music?
  • How do you spend your time?

If you want to know anything else about me you can check out my “About” page or you can send me a message at my Facebook: Chenise Calhoun


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