It’s a Learning Experience: College Orientation Plan Day 2

College Orientation Day 2; This is how the day began, not with a bang but with a crack…. I’ll explain later.

Day 2 is the day to finally break away from your dorm for a little exploring and stuff. It’s the day to eat at a new dining hall that you’ve never tried to test the others. And Day 2 is the day you wake up and think “Wow, I’m in college…” Now we can get out of that sappy nonsense :D. As I said in a previous blog, I was missing many items my first day including mattress foam, and these college beds are noooo joke. I cracked my back the second I stepped off the bed (yayyyy college).

Day 2 is also very important because you wake up with your roommate(s). Be prepared to get a little confused and surprised about the bathroom situation because your morning or night routine may be different from those of your peers. And, you have yet to come up with your own new bathroom routine that will coincide with others.


The second day is a lot more action-packed than the first day, so it’s always great to eat breakfast to gain your energy and nutrients to start the day!


I started off college as a vegan so for my breakfast, I had a whole bagel with peanut butter, some unsweetened oatmeal with banana pieces, and a watered-down OJ 😀 (If you believe that this is actually too small a meal, I did get a second oatmeal lol).

Explore Dorms?

Now that all your stuff is neatly put away in your new room, it’s now time to step out that room and explore like Dora. Do the elevators break every 5 seconds? Where are the vending machines?

Explore campus?

If you go to a bombdiggity school, like ________, then you will mostly be given a tour by mentor, RAs(residential assistants), OLs(orientation leaders), or just upper classmen.

Neighboring Roomies?

Do your neighboring roommates vacuum at 2 am? Do they snore really loud or knock on your door when they’re on their sleepwalk journey? That means it’s time to bring up some of these characteristics at your floor’s meeting. If they do certain things in which you can’t deal with yourself or can’t overlook then talk to your RA. But, if they do none of the things above then you may want to introduce and get to know them. You’ll be seeing them a lot.

Dorm friends?

Getting to know your roommates is different to getting to know other people because you will most likely see them constantly, and even if you don’t have much in common, you’re sharing a space together so your forced to get over your differences or learn to embrace them. The on-campus experience is really something special and shouldn’t be taken for granted.


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