It’s a Learning Experience: College Orientation Plan Day 1

College Orientation plan Day 1! Otherwise known as MOVE IN DAY!!!!! Move in day was a crazy experience to go through for me because the second you step out of your parents’ vehicle, everything begins: helpers (whom are basically upperclassmen) assist you with all your stuff to make the move-in more swift and efficient, you have to follow a bunch of people because they assume you no nothing (and they’re kinda right), and you will get lost, at some point or another. And there are SO many papers to sign! But it’s all protocol and everyone goes through the same thing, so there’s a sense of security in that.

Ok! So you get to your dorm and you will most likely be accompanied by parents, relatives, whoever, in order to assist you in the unpacking process, or to just say their final goodbyes. After the goodbye ceremony(not a real ceremony btw), this would be a good time to truly introduce yourself to your roommate(s) without your mom standing over your shoulder to correct your grammar mistakes 😀 (I laugh but this happened to me). When I talked to my roommate, my go-to topics were “music” and their interests because it helps to get to know the person or people you will be living with for a year. And who knows, maybe you’ll find out that you all have a lot in common. Knowing someone’s major means nothing, until you get to know them. But anyway….

I went to social and talked to people who I didn’t know, and found out a lot about their towns and themselves. And by doing so, I could practice being social and talkative. Everyone did have their set questions and answers because they get asked those generic questions all the time. Ask about their past and let them tell their story if you want to make friends the right way. And while do so piggy back off some of the things they said so you can relate in someway (without interrupting of course). So yeah, listen to me because after my experiences from yesterday, I feel like an expert(kidding..).

Youtuber College Tips checklist:

  • Staying Calm… check!  Although I did freak out because I forgot a lot of stuff, the anxiety was internal because I wasn’t going to let my mistakes rid me of a good time. If you feel like you will do the same, or have in the past, I advice that instead of freaking out, you start writing those items in a list. Use your time wisely because you only get one First day of College (unless you’re a transfer student).
  • Introduce Yourself to Everyone… check!  I talked to whoever I saw, without any physical judgement because their appearance shouldn’t matter to you. Either I was peppy and attracted people, or I was on my phone and someone reached out. Don’t be on your phones by the way. It’s an indicator to others, that you don’t want to be social.
  • Leaving your Door Open…. eh. My door closed automatically and we didn’t have a door stop, so we left the lock out to keep the door from closing. #rebellion
  • Hang with Roommates: check!  We all went to a meet-and-greet kinda social and ate Ritas with other residence members from our dorm. 2 birds with one stone.
  •  Don’t ask the Generic College Questions… ehhh. I would say “Don’t start out with them”, but when the conversation goes dry, use it as a way to pick things up. They wanna do Biology and you’re a Theater major? Why? What happened in their past that turned them on to it? And WOW, new conversation.



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