It’s a Learning Experience: Privilege, and Looking Back

We are always SO QUICK to complain and cry over our petty problems, because they seem pretty grand in the moment: When your sister steals your hairbrush without asking, your brother borrows the car without asking, the dog barks, without asking (that’s the worst honestly). But everything we do while people are around or not, speaks to our character. And our character is telling us to get off our high pedestal and learn a little lesson on Privilege. But you can sit back down for now because it’s a learning experience.


Nobody ever wants to read these kinds of articles- it’s like having to endure those heart-wrenching 5 minute long animal commercials.


“Click away before I’m guilted into donating!” I understand. Could you imagine if they used that commercial after the halftime show during the Superbowl?


Swinging back to the point. Who wants to think about how poverty rates for children are increasing, when your life is bad too: student loans to pay, taking the bus to work every morning. It’s almost like you’re a charity too… But, you’re not. About 795  million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life- that’s about one in nine people on earth. And in America, over 600,000 people experienced homelessness. Our brains have been trained to believe that we can walk pass bums on the streets with ease because we worked for our money, while they didn’t. “They didn’t do what they needed to do to make it in this world.” That’s what we tell ourselves but who is telling us that it’s fact? I’m guessing that time was too precious to us, to even ask that man/ woman/ child why they were there. I’ve got news for you. Not everyone who works hard, makes it.


This picture here has been taken from a Buzzfeed video on privilege. Now
I can understand that the guy in the front (lets call him guy 1) can make that shot into the bin easily. Guy 1 has a GREAT SEAT, very close to the can. But that guy in the back (guy 3), who has no option to lean over, or get a better angle, or move the people in front of him, just has to take his chances, although the odds are not in his favor. And when he misses, he’ll end up like that guy/girl/kid you passed on the street. People will say, “Hey! It’s Guy 3 from the back of the class! He had a great shot, but he should’ve had a better seat. Oh well…”


What I feel needs to be stressed more than privilege, is looking back and remembering the tragedies that happen all around us. This is a hard topic for me and for most people because the people behind us, tend to be forgotten because we made the conscious decision to not, remember. And when we have distractions to take care of in front of us, why would we waste our time on the deceased? Because many times the deceased teach us lessons on living in the moment. It’s never good to look forward all the time because the is earth is being shared with you, the people before you, and the people coming after you (not running after you, that’s creepy). There’s more to life than what’s in front of you- but also behind you. It’s also never good to stay in the past for too long because although swallowing yourself up in your regrets and failures is easy and all, that’s not what life is about. You are supposed to strive and stride, help others, make yourself better and better, and spread love. You can’t do that when you’re estimating your self-worth at 0 (or what I’d like to call, Hitler level). The people of our past remind us to make the most of our futures, the way they can’t.


We’ve got to get out of our own lives a little in order to look at others, because sometimes they influence us into becoming better people, and seeing bigger pictures. The random bombings and shooting, for ludicrous reasons, remind us that we need to live in the moment and cherish the people around us because anything can happen. They also teach us that there are some crazy, messed up people that are like raisins in ice cream (they ruin it). And although I want to say that you shouldn’t pay them any mind, something happened to them in the past to make them that way, so always be kind to others, and don’t intercept the ball when Guy 3 is trying to make his paper layup.


Live your life in remembrance of theirs. As Clara from Doctor Who always said, before she died, many times (I’ll explain later):


I understand everyone’s life isn’t as peachy as I’m making it sound, and for anyone out there who believes that they have suffered quite a deal, or still is suffering, you need to pray for the person who is suffering more than you. You may have tried hard to get to where you are now but some still haven’t made it, and the journey is long. They could really use that support that you may or may not have received in your endeavors. Life sucks when you’re always looking forward so sometimes, LOOK BACK and see what you’ve done. And while your back there, look at the backgrounds of others and their stories, so you can learn to appreciate what you have. quote-William-Hurt-i-am-so-thrilled-by-the-privilege-168695

If you’ve seen these videos, or read these articles, I encourage you to read them again.

Tragedies of 2013

Tragedies of 2014

Tragedies of 2015

  • I’m unfortunate enough to say that this link is “coming soon…”

A visual lesson on Privilege

Smoothies Cleanse update:

It’s over. I failed. I wanted to crunch food and smoothies weren’t doing it for me. I will still drink a smoothie once or twice in a day but I enjoy eating. I lost 8 lbs so yay me. 


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