It’s a Learning Experience: College Orientation Plan Day 2

College Orientation Day 2; This is how the day began, not with a bang but with a crack…. I’ll explain later.

Day 2 is the day to finally break away from your dorm for a little exploring and stuff. It’s the day to eat at a new dining hall that you’ve never tried to test the others. And Day 2 is the day you wake up and think “Wow, I’m in college…” Now we can get out of that sappy nonsense :D. As I said in a previous blog, I was missing many items my first day including mattress foam, and these college beds are noooo joke. I cracked my back the second I stepped off the bed (yayyyy college).

Day 2 is also very important because you wake up with your roommate(s). Be prepared to get a little confused and surprised about the bathroom situation because your morning or night routine may be different from those of your peers. And, you have yet to come up with your own new bathroom routine that will coincide with others.


The second day is a lot more action-packed than the first day, so it’s always great to eat breakfast to gain your energy and nutrients to start the day!


I started off college as a vegan so for my breakfast, I had a whole bagel with peanut butter, some unsweetened oatmeal with banana pieces, and a watered-down OJ 😀 (If you believe that this is actually too small a meal, I did get a second oatmeal lol).

Explore Dorms?

Now that all your stuff is neatly put away in your new room, it’s now time to step out that room and explore like Dora. Do the elevators break every 5 seconds? Where are the vending machines?

Explore campus?

If you go to a bombdiggity school, like ________, then you will mostly be given a tour by mentor, RAs(residential assistants), OLs(orientation leaders), or just upper classmen.

Neighboring Roomies?

Do your neighboring roommates vacuum at 2 am? Do they snore really loud or knock on your door when they’re on their sleepwalk journey? That means it’s time to bring up some of these characteristics at your floor’s meeting. If they do certain things in which you can’t deal with yourself or can’t overlook then talk to your RA. But, if they do none of the things above then you may want to introduce and get to know them. You’ll be seeing them a lot.

Dorm friends?

Getting to know your roommates is different to getting to know other people because you will most likely see them constantly, and even if you don’t have much in common, you’re sharing a space together so your forced to get over your differences or learn to embrace them. The on-campus experience is really something special and shouldn’t be taken for granted.


It’s a Learning Experience: College Orientation Plan Day 1

College Orientation plan Day 1! Otherwise known as MOVE IN DAY!!!!! Move in day was a crazy experience to go through for me because the second you step out of your parents’ vehicle, everything begins: helpers (whom are basically upperclassmen) assist you with all your stuff to make the move-in more swift and efficient, you have to follow a bunch of people because they assume you no nothing (and they’re kinda right), and you will get lost, at some point or another. And there are SO many papers to sign! But it’s all protocol and everyone goes through the same thing, so there’s a sense of security in that.

Ok! So you get to your dorm and you will most likely be accompanied by parents, relatives, whoever, in order to assist you in the unpacking process, or to just say their final goodbyes. After the goodbye ceremony(not a real ceremony btw), this would be a good time to truly introduce yourself to your roommate(s) without your mom standing over your shoulder to correct your grammar mistakes 😀 (I laugh but this happened to me). When I talked to my roommate, my go-to topics were “music” and their interests because it helps to get to know the person or people you will be living with for a year. And who knows, maybe you’ll find out that you all have a lot in common. Knowing someone’s major means nothing, until you get to know them. But anyway….

I went to social and talked to people who I didn’t know, and found out a lot about their towns and themselves. And by doing so, I could practice being social and talkative. Everyone did have their set questions and answers because they get asked those generic questions all the time. Ask about their past and let them tell their story if you want to make friends the right way. And while do so piggy back off some of the things they said so you can relate in someway (without interrupting of course). So yeah, listen to me because after my experiences from yesterday, I feel like an expert(kidding..).

Youtuber College Tips checklist:

  • Staying Calm… check!  Although I did freak out because I forgot a lot of stuff, the anxiety was internal because I wasn’t going to let my mistakes rid me of a good time. If you feel like you will do the same, or have in the past, I advice that instead of freaking out, you start writing those items in a list. Use your time wisely because you only get one First day of College (unless you’re a transfer student).
  • Introduce Yourself to Everyone… check!  I talked to whoever I saw, without any physical judgement because their appearance shouldn’t matter to you. Either I was peppy and attracted people, or I was on my phone and someone reached out. Don’t be on your phones by the way. It’s an indicator to others, that you don’t want to be social.
  • Leaving your Door Open…. eh. My door closed automatically and we didn’t have a door stop, so we left the lock out to keep the door from closing. #rebellion
  • Hang with Roommates: check!  We all went to a meet-and-greet kinda social and ate Ritas with other residence members from our dorm. 2 birds with one stone.
  •  Don’t ask the Generic College Questions… ehhh. I would say “Don’t start out with them”, but when the conversation goes dry, use it as a way to pick things up. They wanna do Biology and you’re a Theater major? Why? What happened in their past that turned them on to it? And WOW, new conversation.


It’s a Learning Experience: The College Orientation Plan

The College Orientation Plan! You may be confused by what I mean by a “plan.” Well, I happen to know that you spent your whole summer searching college vlogs on YouTube  because you’re so anxious about getting there, or is that just me…


And in those college vlogs you see an array of different people either posting their experiences or giving advice. Now, experiences are different for everyone so you can’t trust those, but they must be giving first hand advice because they’re living it, right?  If you’re watching a shy Youtuber, the advice will go along the lines of “Stay in your dorms at all cost, college kids are crazy.” Or if you’re watching someone who’s very outgoing, “Go to every party because:


The purpose of this post is to give you the truth on if all these college videos are advising us well. Practically, I’ve watched enough videos for the both of us to know what they all say move-in day is like and how to handle it/ make friends. But how will I be able to prove if we should take their advice? By LIVING THEM! I’m gonna devise a 5-day plan(for my 5-day long orientation) and treat it like a research experiment to test out this advice, and each day I’ll post about if it works out. I am your spy on the inside 🙂  It’ll be fun for me, and I can only go through this once so why not make my experience a learning experience?


I believe it’s safe to say that I’m not a VERY social person, and I’m not that extroverted. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to be nice. That sounds lame but it’s true. Anyone can be nice.


  • DAY 1:

You’re excited, but also on the verge of puking. Idk if that’s good or not. On move-in day, you’re packed and on your way to college. Your parents are going to give you advice and tell you about their experiences. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM! Things have changed since they went to college! I’m only joking, slightly… While arriving, make sure to stay calm because this process could potentially be the worst thing ever: long lines, check-ins, your “Did I forget anything” instinct starts to kick in.

e19You have to introduce yourself to everyone in the dorm to get a feel for the mood- are people anxious and friendly, or not? Soon enough, when everyone’s anxious walls gets knocked down, you’re gonna see their real sides which in some cases will make you wanna put the wall back up. Take into account that my experiences, however they will go, will be slightly different to yours based on the type of people at your school, the type of school it is, and a factor that we never like to address, the type of person you are. If you hear that you come across as mean, or stuck-up, you may wanna ask someone you care about what their first impressions of you were, because you can trust them to be honest.


Many Youtubers tell me to leave my dorm door open so people can come in to introduce themselves. I wouldn’t be too trusting. I don’t know any of these people and the last thing I want is for me to get Sneak-attacked in an effort to make new friends.Cat-Sneak-Attack-Jump-on-Dog

You should introduce yourself to your roommate and get to know them a little more. After you successfully got everything in your dorm, and your parents leave, invite them to go to orientation with you. 2 birds/1 stone: You’re bonding with your roommate while meeting new potential friends, partners… enemies. While conversing make sure you ask questions that don’t revolve around where they’re from, their majors, and world domination, because I’m sure they’ve all been asked those exact questions many times today. So I’ll probably have to memorize some- yeah, I’m not a good extrovert but who cares?


  • DAY 2:

So it’s your first night in college, with your roommate. Do they snore loud? Did they vacuum the floor at 2 am? These are vital signs that indicate you need a new roommate. But if not, more bonding time. Ask them about their life, hobbies, and other random things. Are they early-risers or night-owls?60553862

Get breakfast together. If they’re an extrovert, go meet new people with them. If introverted, force them to meet people with a steady pep that goes along the lines of “yolo”(twice in one post, that’s a crime). It’s time to explore the dorms. Where are the stairs? What elevator is the best or most likely won’t break? Are there vending machines accessible at any time…. it’s like looking at your Freshman 15 in a mechanical box…50094731

Do your neighboring roommates like to vacuum at 2 am? A BIG issue. Talk to them because you will be seeing a lot of them, sometimes more of them then you probably should #CommunalBathroomProblems.

All the YouTubers say that you want to be friends with your roommate. Discuss beforehand the relationship you guys want or don’t want to have when you get your roommate assignment. If you guys established that yal just want to coexist awkwardly in the prison cells called dorms then fine. But it makes it harder for someone to slip up and do something wrong.

Scenario 1:

Friend 1– Yeah?

Friend 2– Did you clean the bathroom?

Friend 1– No sorry I’ll get on it now.

**Friends are more considerate because they care for each other.

Scenario 2:

Coexisting Roommate 1– Yeah?

Coexisting Roommate 2– Did you clean the bathroom?

Coexisting Roommate 1– No sorry I’ll get on it now.

Coexisting Roommate 2– OMG YOU ALWAYS DO THIS EVERY TIME I CAN’T STAND DORMS BLAH BLAH *bad girls club fight.*  You don’t want that.


  • DAY 3:

Time to do some roaming around the common areas. Like where’s the library/ gym/ food places? How long does it take to walk there (drive if you’re #blessed)? And do this with your roommate. It’s a bonding thing and you’re NOT getting food. Who says you have to eat EVERY TIME you hang with people? If you see a group of freshman- kids w/ lanyards that aren’t wearing leggings or sweatpants yet- then join them! I’ll tell you whether or not that works out for me but it seems bullet proof, don’t you think? There are events to go to. Go to them.


  • DAY 4:

There’s usually serious stuff that comes around the 4th day: Changing schedules, meeting you advisers. That, you may wanna  do alone, but meet the people you see on the way back. Never miss an opportunity to make friends.

46-thousand-five-hundred-facebook-friends-memeWalk to your class buildings with your roommate. If they do it for you then you do it for them. Ask them about their futures and what they wanna do after college. But if  they don’t know then that’s fine, they have TIME.

  • DAY 5:

By now you got the gist of who your roommate is. Are they nice? Clean? Have they already stolen things? Anything above that you aren’t OK with need to go straight to  your roommate to talk about, while the problems are still little… But if she gossips, then she needs to go… back to High School because  that’s over with: If you have so little to do where talking about people gives you joy then you gotta find a hobby… May I recommend cliff diving?*hehe*


College is supposedly the best years of your life, but if you’re doing life right, it should get better and better.


It’s a Learning Experience: Privilege, and Looking Back

We are always SO QUICK to complain and cry over our petty problems, because they seem pretty grand in the moment: When your sister steals your hairbrush without asking, your brother borrows the car without asking, the dog barks, without asking (that’s the worst honestly). But everything we do while people are around or not, speaks to our character. And our character is telling us to get off our high pedestal and learn a little lesson on Privilege. But you can sit back down for now because it’s a learning experience.


Nobody ever wants to read these kinds of articles- it’s like having to endure those heart-wrenching 5 minute long animal commercials.


“Click away before I’m guilted into donating!” I understand. Could you imagine if they used that commercial after the halftime show during the Superbowl?


Swinging back to the point. Who wants to think about how poverty rates for children are increasing, when your life is bad too: student loans to pay, taking the bus to work every morning. It’s almost like you’re a charity too… But, you’re not. About 795  million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life- that’s about one in nine people on earth. And in America, over 600,000 people experienced homelessness. Our brains have been trained to believe that we can walk pass bums on the streets with ease because we worked for our money, while they didn’t. “They didn’t do what they needed to do to make it in this world.” That’s what we tell ourselves but who is telling us that it’s fact? I’m guessing that time was too precious to us, to even ask that man/ woman/ child why they were there. I’ve got news for you. Not everyone who works hard, makes it.


This picture here has been taken from a Buzzfeed video on privilege. Now
I can understand that the guy in the front (lets call him guy 1) can make that shot into the bin easily. Guy 1 has a GREAT SEAT, very close to the can. But that guy in the back (guy 3), who has no option to lean over, or get a better angle, or move the people in front of him, just has to take his chances, although the odds are not in his favor. And when he misses, he’ll end up like that guy/girl/kid you passed on the street. People will say, “Hey! It’s Guy 3 from the back of the class! He had a great shot, but he should’ve had a better seat. Oh well…”


What I feel needs to be stressed more than privilege, is looking back and remembering the tragedies that happen all around us. This is a hard topic for me and for most people because the people behind us, tend to be forgotten because we made the conscious decision to not, remember. And when we have distractions to take care of in front of us, why would we waste our time on the deceased? Because many times the deceased teach us lessons on living in the moment. It’s never good to look forward all the time because the is earth is being shared with you, the people before you, and the people coming after you (not running after you, that’s creepy). There’s more to life than what’s in front of you- but also behind you. It’s also never good to stay in the past for too long because although swallowing yourself up in your regrets and failures is easy and all, that’s not what life is about. You are supposed to strive and stride, help others, make yourself better and better, and spread love. You can’t do that when you’re estimating your self-worth at 0 (or what I’d like to call, Hitler level). The people of our past remind us to make the most of our futures, the way they can’t.


We’ve got to get out of our own lives a little in order to look at others, because sometimes they influence us into becoming better people, and seeing bigger pictures. The random bombings and shooting, for ludicrous reasons, remind us that we need to live in the moment and cherish the people around us because anything can happen. They also teach us that there are some crazy, messed up people that are like raisins in ice cream (they ruin it). And although I want to say that you shouldn’t pay them any mind, something happened to them in the past to make them that way, so always be kind to others, and don’t intercept the ball when Guy 3 is trying to make his paper layup.


Live your life in remembrance of theirs. As Clara from Doctor Who always said, before she died, many times (I’ll explain later):


I understand everyone’s life isn’t as peachy as I’m making it sound, and for anyone out there who believes that they have suffered quite a deal, or still is suffering, you need to pray for the person who is suffering more than you. You may have tried hard to get to where you are now but some still haven’t made it, and the journey is long. They could really use that support that you may or may not have received in your endeavors. Life sucks when you’re always looking forward so sometimes, LOOK BACK and see what you’ve done. And while your back there, look at the backgrounds of others and their stories, so you can learn to appreciate what you have. quote-William-Hurt-i-am-so-thrilled-by-the-privilege-168695

If you’ve seen these videos, or read these articles, I encourage you to read them again.

Tragedies of 2013

Tragedies of 2014

Tragedies of 2015

  • I’m unfortunate enough to say that this link is “coming soon…”

A visual lesson on Privilege

Smoothies Cleanse update:

It’s over. I failed. I wanted to crunch food and smoothies weren’t doing it for me. I will still drink a smoothie once or twice in a day but I enjoy eating. I lost 8 lbs so yay me. 

It’s a Learning Experience: Langauge

Did you happen to catch my little grammatical error in the title: that was my failed attempt at being subtly ironic. Language is one of the most powerful tools that we use every second of every day in order to communicate our thoughts and feelings to other people. We receive our first language lessons as infants, yet learning a new language is arguably one of the hardest tasks to do. Why is that, and how can we change it?

Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 12.58.44 PM

As I’ve said before on this blog, language learning is my passion, it’s what I enjoy to do in my spare time. But that doesn’t make doing so any less hard. Learning a new foreign language entitles learning a new alphabet, and learning a new number system, and learning how to greet people without offending them. You’re literally learning  how to communicate your thoughts and feelings, the way you were taught as a child. And as Americans, it isn’t as stressed to learn a second language like other countries because you’ll rarely need it. You don’t walk into Olive Garden and speak in Italian, and if you did, they wouldn’t even be able to speak it back. We’ve set up a society to where we can believe that English is the universal language, because it’s what you’ll need to master in order to get by here. So our lack in need of a second language is a factor that is holding us back, from our curiosity to learn.

Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 2.55.35 AM

Reasons people feel that learning a language can be a hassle is due to their misconceptions about learning a new foreign language.

  • Expensive: In order to learn a new language, you have to get the $1,000 Rosetta Stone monthly subscription. I’ve been really studying Spanish for about 2 years, and I can honestly say that I haven’t spend 5 cents in doing so. Español es fácil y no es caro. It’s 2015; there are THOUSANDS of free apps and websites that you can access in the click of a button (a few of the ones I use will be listed below). And local libraries always have a foreign language section- its my favorite section.


  • I spend so much time talking in English: This is precisely the reason you need to get away from it for a little bit. Our English can get so good, that over the years it can avert you from wanting to learn a new language. If you tell me that the food I made was piquant, then I’d have to bust out my English to ENGLISH DICTIONARY! The irony is that you want to find more ways in which you can express yourself in your native language, but what’s the point if no one understands you? But if you haven’t heard, there’s a large population of people in China that would love to hear about how piquant my food was, if you don’t mind translating it.stop-speaking-english
  • Too hard/Overwhelming: Foreign languages are vastly complex, and in all meanings of the word, “foreign.” So instead of dreaming about how cool it would be to know that language fluently, let’s start small and set some achievable goals. Examples: “by ___, I will have memorized the alphabet. and by___, I will have learned the common greetings.” It’s only difficult if you make it that way.Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 1.02.06 PM
  • I’m too old to learn a new language: YOU CAN DO IT OLD MAN! It is fact that a child can retain more information than someone who is older, but in this case you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.stop-making-excuses-cover
  • I don’t have time to practice: Yeah, you do. Remember last week when you were sitting on the couch watching Game of Thrones on Netflix for 4 hours? What do you call that, a business appointment? You can ALWAYS make time for something that you want to do, and you have to really WANT to learn the language or you won’t be successful in doing so. The mini lessons on all these language apps take up a solid 5 minutes to complete. And while you’re riding in the car, or in the freaking bathroom, you can think about what you learned to really lock it in your brain. If you don’t have 5 minutes of your day to spare, then you must be Beyoncé- only excuse.


The benefits of learning a new language go beyond impressing your friends.

  • You’ll be smarter: Research says that learning a new language can improve cognitive skills such as problem solving and memorizing. It’s just proven science.Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 3.00.24 AM
  • Job opportunities:  Not only is being Bi- or Multilingual a plus in all fields, but it also opens the door into government jobs. Language skills are crucial when it comes to international affairs. Other jobs available are translators, teachers, and tour guides. Multilingual employees tend to earn more than the other employees because they can get the job done and have the advantage.Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 12.59.56 PM
  • Widens global perspective: This factor is so important to me because I do enjoy studying different cultures and histories. And believe it or not when I say that you can not learn a language without learning about the culture. A good example to further explain this is when you want to say the phrase “Thank you” or express admiration in Farsi, you will often hear the phrase Ghorbanet Beram, which literally translates to “May I sacrifice my life for you?” … Crazy. But this goes to show that in order to fully grasp a foreign language, you have to fully understand the culture and the people behind it. A good way to start learning is by listening to their music. You can learn the words and translate it back to English as a tool to study grammar, sentence structure, and culture.Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 12.51.04 PM

My motivation for continuing foreign languages was definitely sparked by Tim Doner, the youngest hyperpolyglot in the world who can speak over 20 languages. If he could learn 20 as a teen, then I can surely learn at least one more.
Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 12.54.48 PM

Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 12.49.29 PMScreenshot 2015-07-12 at 12.49.51 PM
Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 2.54.48 AM

So I hope you learned something from this blog post. Next time you go to an authentic Italian restaurant (and not Olive Garden), try to do some reading up on the beautiful language, and learn how to say “Posso avere il menù per favore?” Make it your own, personal Learning Experience. Next stop:

Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 12.59.05 PM

(FREE) Resources for you:

  • This is a language education TV sitcom from the 2000’s, that you can watch and learn from by looking them up on Youtube. The show has 4 versions: French, Spanish, German, and English. I love that they speak slowly so you can pick up what they are saying. And it’s hilarious.Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 1.24.04 PM
  • This website not only provides a way to connect with other people from around the world, but also allows you to learn languages from them while they learn a language from you.Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 1.21.53 PM
  • This is one of my favorite apps on my whole phone. You make/search digital flashcards (so you can stop wasting paper ones) and you can play memorization games with the cards you made or searched up. This app has helped me memorizes tons of information, most of which not even pertaining to language learning.Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 1.18.55 PM
  • This app also helps you learn everything.Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 1.17.17 PM
  • Skype isn’t known as the language learning app, but you can connect with native speakers or people from different countries and work on your verbal and audio skills with a partner, teacher, or tutor.Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 1.16.11 PM
  • This is the most popular, and my all time favorite learning app. Just get it please, just get it. You won’t regret itScreenshot 2015-07-12 at 1.15.02 PM

Smoothie cleanse update: Out of the 6 days I’ve been doing this, I’ve messed up on 3 days. The odds aren’t in my favor so every day I mess up, I’ll add a day.  Smoothies I’ve had:

  • Green smoothie w/ kale, spinach, carrots, apple, frozen honeydew, oatmeal
  • Sweet strawberry and soy milk smoothie w/ Stevia (to curve ice cream cravings)
  • Watermelon and ice smoothie (more like icy)
  • Strawberry, oatmeal, soy milk.

It’s a Learning Experience: The Smoothie Cleanse

I’m sitting behind my computer and hating myself for going through with this, but hopefully my struggle will be a learning experience for you. DISCLAIMER: Research says that it only takes 3 days of smoothies and water to jumpstart your colon and detox your body. O.K. LET’S GO!

Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 10.41.21 AM

^^ For 45 days I will be consuming nothing but smoothies, juices, and a LOT of water. Reason being is that I want to regain the energy that I used to have as a raw vegan a few years ago. Back then, I lost 40 lbs in a matter of months and I felt better than I ever had; but since then my energy levels have gone south. And, in 45 days I will be starting college and I don’t wanna have to worry about making smoothies when I can just pick up an apple and go to class. I’m not the unhealthiest person in the world but I’m far from the healthiest.

Before I started this cleanse I thought this would be a good idea:Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 11.13.58 AM But then Maury told me otherwise…

Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 10.54.21 AM

So, I decided to get started immediately. Some people like to start off their new lifestyles by getting rid of all the bad food in the house, to basically remove any feelings of temptation. But in doing, so you’re not getting the whole learning experience. Overcoming the temptations is what motivates you to keep going. First, you’re overlooking the fact that your dad bought your favorite potato chips from Giant, and next you’re not giving a second thought to all the trays of ribs laid out on the 4th of July. It’s empowering to know that your willpower can surpass your cravings.

Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 11.14.46 AM

An important thing to remember while doing this cleanse, whether for 3 days or 100, is that you won’t see results over night. TheThirdPew, my favorite Youtuber, mentioned in one of his videos that he feels the need to check the scale every time he does half a push up and then “gets annoyed with [himself] every time [he] doesn’t lose 3 lbs.” If you’re striding for crazy expectations like this, then you better be putting in crazy work hours or it’s not gonna happen.

Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 11.14.11 AM

Another reason people chose not to eat healthy  is because it’s costly. And you’re definitely right. It’s not fair that the better tasting foods are cheaper, and that when you want to be healthy you have to pay for a gym membership and buy expensive organic foods. But next time you’re eating a McDouble at McDonald’s  with a smile on your face, think about this:


I don’t want you to change up your way of living over night because that’s not how it works; this is a process and you need to take small steps. Don’t push yourself too hard because that’s just another way to harm your body. I’m not gonna put a bunch of health sites in the resources because frankly you can look them up at your own leisure. But below are some funny videos pertaining to this topic that grabbed my attention and that I think you might enjoy. God speed.


Buzzfeed videos:


I will log my progress at the bottom of every blog post so “my health” doesn’t become the dominate topic on this site. I just think that it would be helpful for you to understand what someone goes through and feels throughout the process. EVERYTHING is a learning experience.

It’s a Learning Experience: High School

So, in this past May, I was so “accomplished” to graduate from High School, and I have to say, it was pretty freakin’ easy. I wasn’t competing in the Hunger Games like Katniss Everdeen, I was writing essays and taking tests. If you have a problem with this, imagine what happens AFTER high school! And believe it or not when I say, High School is a learning experience.

Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 7.40.20 PM

This post is going out to all High Schoolers and the “Pre-High schoolers.” I was inspired to make this post when I watched this video by one of my favorite Youtubers, TheThirdPew(love you Nathan), where he talked about why the future was terrifying. And it is terrifying when you think about it… so don’t. What teens need to get through their cute, little, underdeveloped skulls is that you’re only there to get your education, and LEAVE. High School is not life; Life comes after. Now that I got THAT out of the way, here are some cringe worthy quotes from people who don’t know any better:

Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 7.27.39 PM

That’s not right…

Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 7.29.27 PM

… nope…

Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 10.18.17 PM

… not true either…

Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 7.27.32 PM

NO! This last quote even LOOKS like a kid wrote it! If you think High School taught you the Best of Life, then you should really REMAIN there FOR life.

Here’s some advice for coming into freshman year.

  1. You don’t need to know cursive. They lied, they all lied
  2. Middle school doesn’t matter. Middle school sucks for everyone, trust me.
  3. You can change whatever “reputation” you had. I failed every class in middle school, but in high school, there was NOT ONE quarter I didn’t receive honor roll. You can change but you have to want to change.
  4. You really just have to ignore the bullies. I know it’s easier said than done, but think about this: If they’re calling you a name, and you respond to that name, you are accepting defeat. They can only bring you down if you let them.
  5. Those four years go by so much quicker than you think, so enjoy it. I was in a competition with my friend to see who could join the most clubs and by the end of the year, we made so many friends and tallied up how many times our faces were in the year book 😀 Memories…

Make your high school experience fun because You only go once, or YOGO… i tried O.K.? Here’s some quotes that actually have some truth to them

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^^^That jerk teacher? She won’t matter later….
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^^^Cause you probably didn’t T.B.H. (i’m a teen too)…

Screenshot 2015-07-05 at 7.33.01 PMScreenshot 2015-07-05 at 7.30.23 PMTruth.

Here’s a link to the video that I referenced: